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A bad bad man. First baseman for the Boston Red Sox and former San Diego Padre. He's a greasy Mexican American with the best opposite field stroke in the game. He also lays claim to the prettiest overall swing in baseball. A seemingly well mannered man, who quietly plays Gold Glove caliber first base. Do not be fooled however, he is a ruthless player who is out for blood in each at bat. One of the next "all-time" Red Sox players.
Jim: "Did you hear Mike? The Sox walked off when Gonzalez jacked one opposite field clear over the monster!"

Mike: "Yeah I heard, he goes hard in the paint"
Chad: "Just drank with Adrián González, he's a huge fan of Red Bull and gin you know."

Larry: "You don't say? Could have swore I saw him pounding natty ices in the dugout the other day. I didn't say anything though since I was in fear of him finding out and hunting me down."
by BroSoxFan December 04, 2011
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