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Adorian: It means: Adorable, kind, sweet, or charming. It can also mean: hot, sexy, attractive, appealing to others. It can be used, to discribe any sex.. It is to be used in a good matter; used to discribe not only a person, but a thing.
Alissa: Omfg Did you see John!? He is so ripped, he is so hot, so cute, so.. Adorian!

Phil: well, I'm a DUDE, so I don't see him as that... But I do think short skirt Kasey is certaintly an Adorian.

Alissa: wow.

Example number two.

Art Class Teacher: Mr. Jeydon, I like your drawing of your baby cousin! You add so much detail, you make him look so cute.. so.. Adorian!

Jeydon: Haha, thanks, His name is Bryson.
by DudifyME September 30, 2009

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