So cute and fluffy and adorable, you might just cry.
Little Fluffy FrouFrou: Oh my gosh, that bunny in soooooooo adorabubble!!!!! (sobbing)

Night Angel: GET OVER IT... wait... it is soooooo adorabubble!
by Ezza Kezza July 10, 2011
Top Definition
The word that causes Mellie to (November/Madeline Costley) threaten she'll leave if Paul Ballard calls her in 1.10, "Haunted."

A word presumabley used to describe something 'incredibly adorable', and used when the phrase is very much an understatement.
"Ballard: I’m fine and you’re adorable. You’re beyond adorable, you’re…

November: as Mellie If you say “adorabubble,” I’m leaving.

Ballard: I wasn’t going to, but I love the fact you thought it was the next logical word."
by Poetic Ramblings August 24, 2010
I created this word to to furthur the effect of 'adorable'. Its a cute way to describe, bf/gf, kids or sweet people.
"omg....ur so adorabubble!"
by adorabubble November 17, 2005
an adorable bubble.
that's a cute bubble.
its an adorabubble
by bubbblezz23 May 21, 2013
A word used to describe things beyond adorable and to in general give them word more effect and a far more satisfying sound.

This is a word that must be said in order to feel the full affect. May be used to describe a person, a relationship, kittens etc. or my personal favourite a particularly sweet Bromance ;)

Person 1 = "Awww, aren't the just adorable"

Person 2 = "they're more than adorable, They're ADORABUBBLE!"
by vjfcijnibvikfdvb August 13, 2010
The slang expression for 'Adorable'. Something cute,stylish,adorable.
Girl1: 'Look at that dress!'

Girl2: 'Its adora-bubble!'

'Look at brody over there...hes so adora-bubble!'
by sockz_baby July 05, 2009
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