Top Definition
1. Verb

The act of exercising one's powers as an admin, always aimed at the suppression of freedom of speech and any originality of thought, used by megalomaniacal righteous adminish pricks with halos who need locking up pretty indefinitely – to be cured of their total lack of any – literally not a smidgen – sense of humour.

2. Adjective/ Adverb

The above described qualities.
1. The most holly members of forums, i.e. trolls are often adminished just for not agreeing with admins' ass-kissing, slavish minions from their beloved server-swamps.

2. TFD's admins are exceptionally adminish, carrying out their pruning & banning duties 24/7. What a bunch of losers – don't you get that free speech is sacred, morons?!!
by NeuroN0ir June 28, 2010
To rebuke someone for not understanding how to use their computer. (Typically coming from a system admin)
I had to adminish my dad for not knowing where the program went when he minimized it.
by bnamer June 23, 2010
v. to severely chastise a secretary.
The manager adminished her assistant for arriving a work late again.
by Eric X. February 22, 2008
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