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One of the most amazing people ever. Makes everyone happy.
You're horny but amazing, you're such an Adithya!
#adi #subramaniam #subbu #adibadi #lanjay #hornything #do me
by aiyyayyo May 12, 2011
Literally translates to "Sun God, Son of Adithi". Guys with this name are extraordinary, they have a way of making an impact, certainly not a face you would forget in the crowd. They are very smart and particular about things. They are good at calculations but they are not indifferent towards anything and appreciate life generally. They adore science and literature alike this makes them knowledgeable and broad-minded. They are generally social but their above average intelligence ensures a fewer number of friends. They enjoy competition. They are very good and interesting friends, it is impossible to get bored in their company. They are not short tampered and generally very sweet. They don't think very high if themselves but they are truly amazing people.
I bet adithya can explain it better than anyone.
have you seen adithya?
i wish
#amazing #smart #fun #quick #good
by ibudctcaimm24 February 14, 2014
A tall quiet guy who has periods whenever his friends make plans and plays awesome football.
No point calling him, he'll just pull an Adithya
#pms #football #shy #quiet #tall
by jinni May 12, 2011
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