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The singer/actor who originated the part of Roger in the rock musical Rent. Also has released two solo rock CD's, Model Prisoner and Civilain. He's also really hot.
Person One: You know that guy who's in rent, Adam Pascal? He's pretty hot.
Person Two: Damn straight!
by liz topaz June 28, 2005
Original Roger in the Broadway musical RENT. Also in movie, but he was most definitely better on stage and in the Broadway album.

He has a raspy yet strong and booming voice, and it is very very sexy. He is the greatest male singer ever.
A: Hey, is that guy Adam Pascal?
B: Well, is he the hottest thing you've ever seen in your life?
A: No.
B: Then it's not him.
by AmandaaaMe June 04, 2006
The most over-rated performer to ever appear in the musical Rent, who continues to return to the show and half-ass his way through it when he can't get any other jobs.
Adam Pascal Fangirl: OMG!!!! No one will ever be better dan ADAM!! He was the bestest Roger EVER!!!!!!111!

Sensible Renthead: No, honey, he wasn't.
by nnkay July 27, 2009
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