Guy from
1. The OC
2. GRind
3. Mr. & Mrs. smith
who is unbelievably hott for no apparent reason. I could stare at him for hours.
other person: would you make out with adam brody if u saw him on the street?
me: ohhhhhhh yeah.
by blue_water* March 21, 2006
Top Definition
A so called "actor" who plays seth cohen, an annoying sarcastic prick on the oc. Hes also been in couple of movies such as mr and mrs smith and thank you for not smoking, playing the same character he does on the oc.
girl- did u watch that mr and mrs smith, it got that adam brody.

girl2- no i havent. who does he play

girl- the only person he can play

both- "seth cohen" ha ha
by packer_ November 12, 2006
adam brody is a pimpin cool actor on the OC who is jewish. he is goin out with a total babe Rachel Bilson and so that makes adam extremely cool, he also skateboards
Adam Brody is making out with a total hottie
by RY-GUY GUY GUY June 08, 2005
the adorkable sidekick character from the oc. how can u resist his shaggy jew hair?
adam brody: im a dork, a jew, and a stud.
rachel bilson: lets fuck!
by preppy bitch September 04, 2005
1. A really cute actor who played Seth Cohen in all four seasons of the OC.

2. The drummer for the indie rock band Big Japan.
1. -Did you catch last night's episode of the OC?
-Yeah! Seth was sooo funny!

2. -I never knew how well Adam Brody could drum until I heard a song from Big Japan!
by Izzabeth July 25, 2009
A guy from the OC that 80% of chicks are completely obsessed about and collect different merchandise.
Bailey: OH my god, Adam Brody is so hot!!
Me: Oh true.
by darkmyst June 26, 2005
Adam Brody who at the moment plays Seth Cohen on THE OC. Has been in lots of movies my personal faves are Grind and Thank you for smoking he is adorkable look it up its a good word
Did you watch the oc last night
Yeah eww Volchok but omg I love Adam Brody what a stud.
by Indzz April 26, 2006
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