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A small hick town placed between Palmdale and SCV. It is inhabited by wannabe rednecks, cowgirls, bros, and bro hoes and almost everyone that lives here will stay here until they die. Only to then be buried in the local cemetery. There is absolutely nothing to do except ride horses or dirt bikes and attend pathetic parties where you will be able to see 13 year olds puking everywhere. The high school is one big trailer park (hence the name “trailer trash high”) with an illegal dome placed in the middle of the school that nobody can use. They can’t keep a principle for over a year and if they’re lucky, teachers tend to stay for an entire semester. The people who live here have to know every little detail about everyone else so they have something to gossip about in their daily pathetic lives. However, there are those select few that manage to escape by passing Vasquez rocks and realizing that Acton is a complete shithole. Then there are those who just can’t handle this town and commit suicide (which is a common reoccurrence here). If you want to survive, you must act as if you genuinely give a shit about the insignificant crap that goes on in this town and the people in it. Or pretend that you have a southern accent and state that you love Texas even though you have never even been there.
high school kid #1: "dude, i just got a job at the acton market."
high school kid #2: "thats sick dude, get money get paid."

acton resident: "welcome to acton california, whats your full name? where were you born? whats your social securty #? likes? dislikes? family tree? who do you know and what do you do? religious views? political views? i want to know everything about you because i care."
by andyourpointis June 22, 2011
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