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A process whereby a particular motion has been activated. The motion can pertain to state laws, organizational rules and regulations, tacit agreements an other codes etc. The activationed motion is respected, important and once a motion has been activationed, parties will remain faithful to the law, rules, regulations and/or codes with integrity and loyalty.
example 1.
person 1: as a law abiding citizen, i will make it a point to drive within the speed limits, keep to the correct side of the road and maintain conscious awareness of the other cars on the road
person 2: good on ya mate. you've activationed the state driving laws

example 2:
person 1: we must seek to maintain the circle code to keep peace and harmony
person 2: awesome the circle code has been activationed.
person 1: fantastical.
by codeDowlingbf July 06, 2010
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