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A new term for Christmas, invented as a reflection of the fact the original values and methods of celebrating have been streamlined and homogenised to the point of it being a mere exercise in material gain.

Gone are the values of "peace and goodwill to all men" and finding solidarity in the company family and friends. Christmas is now just a way for large multi-national companies to further part people from their cash, as if they weren't wasting enough of it at all other times of year.
Judith: "Did you see the amount of pointless seasonal junk on sale in the mall chainstores?"

Jenny: "It's not even December yet, and still the plastic trees and tacky lights are up."

Judith: "I know. I wonder if people even remember what Christmas is supposed to be about."

Jenny: "Yeah, now it's more like a giant acquisitionfest."
by zekepliskin December 06, 2009
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