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Made from the combination of the words accidental and announcing. The act of making a statement, usually in announcement form, as a means of trying to get attention while simultaneously pretending it to be either unwanted or "accidental". Similar to humblebrag.

Pronounced: ASS-inouncing because doing it makes you look like an ASS.
Example 1
-On Facebook-
Jenny: Oh no! I sure hope nobody comments that my bra strap is showing in my profile picture! TEEHEE!

Emily: Shut the fuck up Jenny. Nobody would have cared or noticed if you weren't accinouncing it all over the place.

Example 2
John: Please nobody photoshop that horrible picture of me! I'll die of embarrassment!

Kevin: Dude, you're a computer technician who knows damn well how to delete a photo off Instagram. Plus, that's the second time that you've accinounced about that shit in the past hour. Just accept that you will never be a meme.
by parpull June 04, 2014
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