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A depressive anti-emotional hopelessly romantic whore, who constantly argues with people. He does not accept the truth. He wishes he could beat his friends at games. He claims to not be dependent on peoples ideas and suggestions. CLAIMS. He sleeps alot even when people around him are having fun. He flirts too much but his relationships never work out well. On the otherhand, he makes decent money, is funny sometimes, and doesnt talk shit. He is very blunt and isn't a liar except to maybe one or two friends. He is also giving. Uses big words often in attempt to confuse people.
Oh my god. You actually bought me a bra! Thanks Acacio!

Im pissed at Acacio, he is flirting with my girl.

My acquaintance is getting hepaticocholangiocholecystentersotomies today. Gosh acacio just say gall bladder surgery!
by Acacios biggest fan June 25, 2010
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