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Andrew Gower became tired of smacking his vigina so he created a weapon to punish naughty players who break rules. Soon players found that you can use this weapon as a disciplinary measure to give wilderness newbs a elegant spanking. Also may be used as a rope to decorate newbs on gallows.
"Dam... that whip spanked me so hard that I fell off my chair!.. I hope I didn't leave a shit stain on his Abyssal whip"
by Empire666 November 24, 2006
The Best weapon in the game of Runescape.
Gives a Slash + 82 bonus and a Strength + 82 bonus. Can be used with a shield, one of the reasons its the best weapon. Its about as fast as a dagger, and as strong as a battle axe.Known in the game as a Whip.
"I just got owned by this guy with a whip, I did'nt even have a chance!"
by Cubeknight July 16, 2005
The Abyssal whip is commonly Seen as the best weapon in the game of Runescape.

Strength and Slash bonuses are +82
It can be used with a shield, and is as fast attacking as a dagger.
Stronger than a Granite Maul, the Abyssal whip has a pricetag of over 3 Million gp at the moment.

The whip's special attack, which takes up 50% of the bar, has a better chance of hitting the person, and has a chance of removing 50% of the opponent's remaining energy.

It requires 70 attack and 70 strength to wield.
w00t! I just maxed with the Abyssal whip at 36!
by tazman14 April 26, 2006