That one kid that gets fucked up and goes full retard. he also might have been exposed to certain chemicals as a child.
Yo dont tell Abraham about the party,

Abraham: wass up playas chikka chikka yea fake id fake id!!
by moorparkHoes May 30, 2015
Our polychromatic bowl that we bought off some cracked out nig on canal street in which we later named in honor of his niggerness
Abraham: yo yo wat yu want my manz
Us: How much is this right here?
Abraham: Dis rite herr is tin (10) dullaz but dis one is tweny (20) cuz its duble glass so it meanz double high
Us: Okay we'll take one of those then.
Abraham: Veyy nice choyce boiiss
*turns around* yeeeh im guna git dat krak 2nite
by OG Mudbone August 08, 2008
The individual who starred on Pimp My Ride. He was in season one and did absolutely nothing. If he did anything, it was counterproductive to the building of the pimped out ride.
Dammit Abraham, we can't put a midget on the dash for good luck! Go sit down somewhere. Why are you still here? We fired you five episodes ago!

Quote from Abraham: "It's a Flintstone car" (Abraham referencing a car that had a hole in the base of the driver's side)

Why don't they lock him in the shed already?
by Ari Gaf December 31, 2005
A creepy and mysterious man that can be seen walking around the city of Germantown, Maryland any day of the week. Known as the "Germantown Stalker" or the "Big Foot of Germantown". Constantly spotted wandering aimlessly on sidewalks, shopping centers, and the Germantown Library.
"Dude I just saw Abraham while I was at Burger King."
"Seriously? I saw him the other day at the library! That guy is creepy!"
by ChuckBeee May 23, 2010
A replacement for the commonly used insult of "Jew", it can be used freely without fear of offending a possible nearby Jewish individual.

It is most effectively used when the direct object is being especially greedy ("Jewish") with his/her belongings.
Billy: "Hey Johnny, can i bum a dollar homie?"
Johnny: "No."
Billy: "Come on Abraham it's just a dollar!"
by Habeeb December 16, 2006
Someone who thinks they're gay.
Did you know that Abraham Lincoln slept in the same bed with another man?
by I done get none August 09, 2010

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