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When you're young, flashy, and interested in the finer things, such as: fashion, traveling, cars, girls, and high-grade marijuana.
"I'm about that life, nigga
Put you in the game, let you meet my wife, nigga" - Fabolous
#doing it big #living fat #stuntin' #fly nigga shit #high style
by mwbar January 21, 2012
A. Being in harmony and peace within yourself and your surroundings.
B. Doesn't give a shit about what others say and think.
It's Friday and I'm about that life

He just got a blow job in the car, he about that life.
#about #that #life #doesn't #give #a #fuck
by Jibz December 20, 2012
A phrase very commonly used by rappers to describe their lifestyle (thug lyfe). To be about that life means to live a certain kind of way.
She claim she bad, but she ain't really about that life. She's a photothot.

Most these rappers flashing guns but they ain't really about that life
#thug lyfe #thug life #about that life #photothot #lifestyle
by Chukssss July 10, 2015
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