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Before entering a movie, buy a box of popcorn. Do NOT eat it. During the movie, engage in sexual behavior, pulling out pre-ejaculation. Let your load off all over your partner, specifically in the facial area. Proceed to dumping the box of popcorn over their head. Watch and enjoy as the abominable snowman terrorizes the theater.
like omg! an abominable snowman like totally attacked us during Hancock!
by Rapidshare July 10, 2008
Mythical creature thought to live in the Himalayas. Also known as Yeti.
Sightings have been reported from Napal, China, and Siberia and other areas of Asia.
The abonimable snowman is said to be over 7 feet tall and have a heavy coat of white hair, allwoing him to camouflage in the snow of the mountains.
"Oh no! its the... the... abominable snowman!"
by fukkkerz August 22, 2007
When an individual (male of female) rubs their hands down with ice until freezing cold. They then proceed to give a hand job to their unsuspecting victim.
Shelly gave Mark and abominable snowman last night. Oh shit does he have frostbite?
by iamzepie March 28, 2010
verb: When you finish in your hand, then subsequently toss it in your face. Most times it is accompanied by a frightening facial expression and/or a loud grunt.
I totally abominable snowmanned this chick the other day in a fuddrucker's bathroom, she freaked out.
by GetThatNut August 17, 2010
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