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The generation of life from non-living sources, by adding energy into the mix. Some creationists often confuse this phenomenon with evolution. They are not one in the same. Evolution is the process of CHANGE in life, not it's origin.
Creationist: The theory of evolution starts with life being created by random chance with matter and energy! As such, it disproves itself since no one around the world has opened a jar of peanut butter and found life in it!
Evolutionist: First, that's ABIOGENISIS, you @#%&tard. Also, peanut butter comes from peanuts, an already LIVING THING. How do you expect new life to be created from peanut butter, which is essentially dead peanuts?!
Creationist: . . . SHUT UP, I'M HOLY!!! *baps evolutionist on head with a cross*
by Clicky Mic August 06, 2008
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