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Someone who is very funny and outgoing, sometimes overly flirtatious, but you feel special when his attention is on you. Normally a boy. Good boyfriend material. Smart, strong but very self conscious at times. Can be very stupid and has a lot of boyish charm. You never want to stop being friends with him but in some cases it's impossible to stay friends. Has AMAZING eyes that go with his amazing personality. You want to last forever, he can always make you laugh and you never want to hurt his feelings. A true babe that you should never let go of.
girl one: Hey! I'm going out with Abilash!!

girl two: Oh that's nice. I wish that was me.

Abilash: Hey babe!

Girl one: Damn he makes me feel special!

Girl two: whatever.
by MyChemcialRomance863 September 17, 2012
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