A beautiful and interesting girl who has philosophical ideas that align with other ethereal beautiful girls. She has an open heart but must be careful of certain opportunistic girls she may see frequently. She will eventually see those for what they are: users and move onto the friends who truly have more in common with her. Girls named Abi will travel the world and have friendships with many different types of people stretching across the globe. She will most likely have a very interesting and close relationship with a blonde girl with a very open heart.
I knew she was a true Abi when she figured out that girl was just a fake user and moved on to the more genuine girls.
by notyouravggoody2shoes October 17, 2012
She can be funny, crazy, and weird. Although she can be slow at times, she is intelligent. Abi's the kind of person people fall in love with. She's also confident, loving, amazing, caring, and outstanding. As her friends sometimes say she's lazy, they aren't lying. As her sense of style is fabulous, it can be sometimes simple. Although she may have been through alot, you can never tell behind her beautiful smile.

~ Don't you wish you had a Abi πŸ’‹πŸ’„πŸ’ŽπŸ‘‘βœ¨πŸ”₯
As Abi and her friend walked through the hall, they laughed like monkeys.
by Brii Hendersonh August 05, 2014
A cooler nickname for the name Abigail. It is more interesting than the alternative which is Abby.
Person 1: How do you spell her name?
Person 2:A-b-i
Person 1:Wait, are you sure it's not A-b-b-y
Person 2:No, this Abi is way cooler and interesting then the common Abby
Person 1: Oh! You're right!
by Tmi Member September 01, 2013
A spoken and written dialect first documented in the tribal regions of Oakland, California. Tribal members would debate over whether to call marijuana "weed" or "cannabis", until one individual combined the two into "weedabis". However, other natives misunderstood the origen of the word and incorrectly understood it as "weed-abis," thus creating the suffix "abis." Smokers and non-smokers alike from across the United States have since conversed in the 'abis' dialect, which simply reqiures the speaker to add 'abis' to the end of every sentence. 'Abis' may be optionally added to miscellaneous words.
Dan: "Grrr-abis I am so madabis!"
Joel: "Danabis, you're always madabis."
Pacman: "I want some snacksabis..."
Jordan: "Abis-abis."
Koji: "khaaaaaanh-abis!"
by Master Jew August 10, 2012
Short for "Albanian Boys Incorporated".

A violent, Albanian-based gang that is most prominent in the NYC area. Most members are still high school students, yet they rob grown men at gun point and sell cocaine in broad daylight.
The federal government is actively pursuing a resolution that will flag these juvenile gangs as terrorist organizations. ABI is going bye-bye.
by Freddy the fed-up fed May 13, 2006
The most amazing person you will ever meet. Average height with brown hair and green/blue eyes. She's a really good athlete and loves to run. If one enters your life never let her go. She's tough but has a heart. If you get in her heart don't break it because she will be devastated.
Jim: Abi's such a good athlete
Bob: I know! She's so good at running!
by Ur BFF November 23, 2012
when one offers gesture of kindness; a good deed.
he pulled an Abi by keeping the lonely new kid company.
by wa1996 May 17, 2012
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