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1. A word created by none other than the mighty Alex Rainbow, the one and only "Official Stunt Master". It has several meanings.
1.a. adj. Strange, weirdly feeling.
1.b. verb To literally destroy another's senses, to PWN.
1.c. noun A weird person, object.

2. Character cosplaying as "Elliot Moose".

3. Leader of the Ababalou family containing two other members.
1.a. "You seem a little ababalou today."
1.b. "I'm going to totally ababalou your ass."
1.c. "You're such an ababalou."

2. "Ababalou, is on the loose!"

3. "Ababalou visited hit his brother Ababali and his cousin Uolababa got mad."
by stunt296 March 01, 2008
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