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An Aalyia is usually tall and has very good manners. They are usually of Indian or Arabic decent and have long black hair, they look much older then they actually are. They are very beautiful and have clear skin with mild acne around the hairline...they arent naturul though. Aalyias make good friends but are very secretive and have that one girl that they absoulutley hate. They act like they are very rich but usually owe a lot of debt. They have a family that is an exact replica of the Kardashians. Aalyias will never let you down and always have your back no matter what...they dont make good girlfriend material though since they are very independent people. They also make good business women.
rich girl 1: wow that aalyia is soo rich look at all her clothes and her house lets ask her to go shopping

aalyia: ooh i love this $4300 gucci dress

meanwhile moms at home looking at all the $100 000 debt bills
by babbalabbafan July 02, 2012
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