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A girl who absolutely loves to suck cock - but only after said cock has been tickling her lower-intestine for an extended period of time. This girl will seamlessly transition your poundings between her colon and her throat, with tireless fervor. Almost like a machine. She will either by naive-complacency or indulgent-voracity - swallow any accumulated fecal matter.

She will have no remorse for her repulsive tendencies - for ATmachines have no conscience, and most likely no soul.
Unbelievable. Last night while me and Jane we're doing a little colon-exploration, she would dismount my cock every few minutes - and suck it completely clean. I've never witnessed such uninhibited mechanical-execution before. She was so natural and non-nonchalant, this girl must be some kind of machine. An ATmachine.
by Charles Forester June 22, 2009
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