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noun. Acronym for All Time High. References one's account, usually a brokerage account, in which one's equity has reached its highest level.
Phil: "Mo, I think my account reached an ATH today."
Mo: "What'd you expect, brozay? Stick me me and you'll be trading on the beaches of the Carribean, being fed grapes by the most voluptuous women around."
by dan moses March 01, 2010
168 33
around the house
on msn
Sally547 - ath, msg (away)
by roberino September 04, 2009
15 5
The abyss of Addison, Illinois. Addison Trail high school.
I'm a junior. I'm almost out of hell II.
Where women think (oh sorry, KNOW) they are too good for you, unless you are a stupid prep or stupid souchebag. Then again that's every high school.
by Adrian Herrera January 01, 2005
12 7
An acronym for all the hoes. Originated at UTK
Sasquatch: I got a new girl today
Anonymous: you have ATH
by Utk13 February 25, 2013
4 4
Acronym for "Ah, the horror". Used to show sarcastic sympathy for a shitty event.
R: Man my day was really shitty, there were angry customers and my manager-

B: ATH stop bitching and deal with it.
by Ben Dasey September 02, 2008
6 10
comes from an Irish song "The Fields of Athenry"

Person of low patience, angered easily, but of unstoppable greatness.
ath kicks TomB square in the nuts.
by Gerald July 03, 2004
11 17
used in place of the word 'ass'
Don't be such a dumb ath.
by Sally February 06, 2005
29 38