ASR, or, "Army of the Sith Republic" lead by Shawn Hutchinson is a star wars based fighting-oriented organization based in the virtual world of Second Life that participates in the grid practice of virtual combat. ASR owns a base in the SL Region "Bannockburn."
ASR just brought down Black Talon after an unsuccessful attack by Talon on their base
by Lomoco Binder January 22, 2009
Top Definition
Airport Security Rush:
That sudden burst of energy where you have to cram all your shit back in to your bag when it comes out of that Xray machine at the airport
I had a Serious Case of ASR when i had my laptop, iPad, and Phone after going through security
by C Fish April 08, 2013
An epic military group in the region Bannockburn featuring talented and exceptionally efficient members, trained for battle and ready for anything. The outfits are on the upper side, also called "armour." ASR also has an exceptional system designer, that goes by the name of Lomoco Binder. Lomoco Binder is responsible for the realistic Thunder and Lightning Simulator, the Credit System, the main Supercomputer, as well as a Damage Simulation System employed by the Authorization Panels. Lomoco Binder's next plan for the development in the area of ASR Tech is a Virtual Power System, including a Main Reactor that supplies power to things such as Shield Generators, Defense Turrets, Airships, Bridges, Electrical Security Grids, and both High and Low Security Doors, and their Security Systems Alike.
Someone just blew up the Main Reactor at the ASR base!
by Lomoco Binder February 21, 2009
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