a person's booty. also an insult
Tu tiene un asno grande
You have a big ass

Este un estupido asno puta
you are a stupid ass bitch
by anonymous March 07, 2005
Top Definition
a donkey, slash a cuss word thats called asshole.

used when people are jerks or made you mad.

its a spanish word.
by KAYLAESUNASNO April 18, 2011
Anti Social Networking Order - used against the few who have not yet joined the millions on the social networking bandwagon. Also used if a member of a social networking site has far too many friends who they couldn't possibly know! Can be used as a classification of a person. ASNOs are known to spend more time online than socialising in the real world.

Parody to the British Government's ASBO (Anti-Social Behaviour Order).
Tom on myspace is an ASNO :-)

by Adam83 September 13, 2007

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