Awesome Shit My Drill Sargent Said. It was originally started as a Facebook page ran by current and former Drill Sargent's, to show a lighter side of the going on of military life and its times and hardships it has since expanded into a world wide battle buddy system that seeks to help those in need of assistance that are prior military or current. It provides a way for like minded to communicate and blow off a little steam at times. They have expanded beyond the reaches of Facebook with their own site . if your not on their Facebook page and on the website then assume front leaning rest and BEAT YOUR FACE!
When asked what is the first place you should search when new to Facebook the answer will be asmdss
by dreamchilled November 24, 2012
Bad ass page about bad ass Drill Sergeants, because NOBODY will affect your life the way your DS did.
"Don't worry pri'ates, if you don't qualify today you will qualify tomorrow, in Libya." -ASMDSS
by RedLovely9 November 23, 2012
"Awesome Shit My Drill Sergeant Said," the greatest source of knowledge and wisdom shit-for-brains privates will ever know. A Facebook group where soldiers post stories about their former Drill Sergeants and relive IET. This page is known for supporting Operation Homefront, as well as fighting against suicide in the army.

The best fucking page on the internet.
Operation Homefront guy: First donation in weeks, and it's massive!

ASMDSS: You're welcome, now BEAT YOUR FACE!
by ngmp November 23, 2012
Awesome Shit my Drill Sargeant Said
by Private Messup November 23, 2012

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