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An ASBO-magnet is a scruffy, filthy council-estate dwelling troll species, otherwise known as Scallies, Townies, chavs or in Glasgow, Neds. ASBO itself stands for Anti-social Behaviour Order and is issued by the police to little Hitler/tyrants such as scallies, theives, vandals and other lowlife scum. The fact that so many mini-evils are now being allocated ASBOs is leading to the idea that ASBOs are now seen as a status symbol by these small crustacions. The more ASBOs and court appearances theyhave under their belt, or mini-skirt or le coq sportif trackies, the greater respect they have from other less demonic lowlife.
Look at that piece of shit, ASBO-magnet, Joey Styles. Look at it!
by bulldozer conquers all! March 02, 2005
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