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An acronym for the phrase: As Soon As Feasible.
I need that report from Rick ASAF
#asaf #asap #quickly #immediately #feasible
by Safmiester G April 01, 2007
An acronym for the phrase: As Sexy As Fuck.
For when one is exceptionally sexy.
"That guy over there is Asaf."
"Man alive! I'd hit that!"
by the_egyptian October 24, 2015
An acronym for the phrase: As Soon As Fuck. Similar to ASAP but way faster.
(ex) Bitch, make me a sandwich and I'll need it ASAF
#quick #fast #soon #hurry #right away
by CASHVA3 September 05, 2012
Abbreviation for "As Soon As Fuck". Meant to replace ASAP in casual and less professional situations.
"When do you want to leave this concert?"

"How quickly are we going to get to the bar?"

"I'll be there A.S.A.F"
#asap #stat #immediately #soon #quickly
by AJKQ December 29, 2009
(n) lazy bird, whiney beast, cranky bug and ocasional alpha monkey.
Asaf nests in a dirty cave and complains about math and sex.
by 82% chance of ra March 18, 2001
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