An elf princess of Ellesmera in the Inheritance trilogy who is simply the combination of Princess Arwen of LOTR and Priness Leia of Star Wars only with "voluminous black locks" and "piercing emerald eyes with eyelashes coated in oil that made them look like black petals covered in raindrops" and "thin, slanting lightning bolt like eyebrows" and "the scent of crushed pine needles" who also wears black leather outfits despite being a technical vegan.

She just exists to be the one sided romance of Eragon who only rebutts him because of the age difference as she is 100 and he is 16- even though he is immortal now. She is supposed to be the feminist role model as in Paolini's words: "And of course, a beautiful maiden who is more than capable of taking care of herself", even though she gets kidnapped in Eragon's first chapter and is not even seen fighting at any other point in the book aside from beating Eragon in one fight.

She is a cold bitch who was tortured and nearly raped but is completely unaffected so the story won't have to pause to actually have to deal with her trauma from such an experience- but she has no trauma or personality anyway.

She is powerful in magic, a master swordsman, apparently an archer, a Mary Su,e and Paolini's perfect woman.
Arya, the obvious green dragon rider and Eragon's obvious love.
by akemi October 14, 2007
Top Definition
(n) An powerful and sexy human being who loves to fly on magic rugs.
Arya is my sexy camel rider muahhahaha
by Arya June 23, 2004
Someone who speaks an Indo-European language.
Arya is the noble race.
by Sam December 14, 2003
A beast at pretty much everything. Definitely an amazing soccer player. Persian, tall, and tan. Manipulative at times but what are you gonna do about? He's a beast.
"Yo that kid's name is Arya."

"He must be a beast."
by Killaaak July 14, 2009
arya's cool don't dis him
by colin November 02, 2003
He's known to pop a collar when he drops a dollar;the three point brawler, the prank caller, and the 21 baller of the decade.
Did you get Arya on your fantasy team?
by Boston April 07, 2003
An extremely gorgeous girl who rules over Germany. Arya is probably the most optimistic person you will ever meet. She is super smart. There is something about her that is very attractive to 98% of all guys. Arya has the power to brighten up anyone's day with the faintest glint of her smile. She's very fun to hang out with and gives some of the best advice. Not to mention, Arya is so hilarious, when you're with her you won't be able to control your laughter. In fact, you'll laugh so much, you just might get a six-pack. Sometimes she can be extremely cray but that just makes her better. Also, a distinct trait of Arya, she has the longest, thickest, prettiest hair ever!
1."Look that guy has a girlfriend!" "I hear she's the complete opposite of Arya." "Oh ew. Never mind."
2."That girl be gorgeous! Of course, its Arya!"

3."Arya rules over Germany!"

4. "Just had a conversation with Arya. Can't stop laughing!"
by thisrandomcreeper1 May 11, 2013
customarily a male of persian descent known for impeccable bone structure, capricious temperament, poor beer pong skill, and an affinity for blonds.
What do I look like, an Arya? Buy ya own damn fries bitch!
by Sam Clemens February 15, 2009

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