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1. APNG is designed to be backwards-compatible with image viewers which only support PNG. Older image viewers will simply disply the first frame of the animation, like a normal image.

2. This APNG editor is a fully functional, easy to use, cross platform program for making animated PNGs. It is currently still a beta, but it does produce valid APNG files.
Animated PNGs; APNG.

These are the features that are working in the beta version of the editor:

* Load each frame from any PNG file
* Set loop control (play forever, once, X times)
* Optionally set the first frame (displayed in older browsers) to be hidden in newer browsers.
* For each frame:
* Set the offset of the frame from the top-left corner of the animation
* Set the time to display
* Set disposal options (clear image, keep image, revert frame)
by PNG lover November 04, 2007
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