An acronym for A Pointless Expensive Crock.
APEC was the final straw for John Howard, and the beginning of actually understanding what Kevin Rudd says, albeit in a different language.
by jasewase May 04, 2008
Top Definition
(a.k.a. Advanced Placement European Civilizations)
1. hardest class taught to tenth graders at Poway High School
2. pain in the ass
David: I just got ahead in my APEC assignments
Alex: psh, overachiever
by Matt Wildey February 01, 2009
Stand for Assertion - Proof - Explanation - Connection;
the format used by IB students when writing an IB history essay. Hated by many students.
Teacher: Alright class, in order to prepare for your upcoming essay on the American Civil War, write 2 APEC paragraphs for homework tonight!

*All students groan and complain*
by HOAHATER January 02, 2012
Stands for "Asia pacific economic cooperation" and is an economic forum involving most nations surrounding the pacific ocean.Its a very important forum and I personally believe it should be compared to the likes of the G8 and G20 summits.I really think that the public in the west should begin to take APEC seriously because it includes the US,China,Russia,Australia and Canada and is a very important summit interms of trade deals.Once India is accepted into APEC the organization will become one of the largest regional forums if not the largest.

This year the host nation is Australia.
There are currently 21 member nations in APEC and together all nations comprise of 56% of the worlds economy.Pritty damn important if you want your nations voice to be heard.
by Mattymeatpatty September 05, 2007
holiday period from 3rd to 9th September 2007; exclusive to Sydney Australia
"happy APEC everyone!!!"
by avro September 06, 2007
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