A Perfect Circle (often referred to as APC) is an alternative rock supergroup, formed by guitarist Billy Howerdel. Howerdel had worked as a guitar tech for a few well known bands such as; Nine Inch Nails, The Smashing Pumpkins, Fishbone and Tool. He played some of his demos to Maynard James Keenan who said he would do vocals for the band if it ever got up and running. Howerdel was initially hesitant about this because he wanted a female vocalist, but eventually agreed and A Perfect Circle was formed in 1999.

The name was created because the band members were initially friends of another that met to form "a perfect circle of friends".

They have created together three albums;
Mer de Noms
Thirteenth Step

Did you see APC in concert?? They rocked hard core, dude!!
by Arieanna November 05, 2007
Ass Pussy Connection - The bit between a chick's Ass and her Pussy.
"She was shaved smooth round the front, but her APC was dirty as a mutha fucker".

"Man we sure streached her APC".

"The APC is the final frontier, the zone, when you know how well a Girl is wiping her ass"
by Tex & Tbit January 11, 2007
APC or Actual Physical Control is an abbreviation used by police officers to describe the offense charged to people who are in proximity to a motor vehicle with an alcoholic beverage in their possession. It is usually not considered a jailable offense.
Buddy:"Hey dude I saw your APC in the paper, what happened?"
Bud: "Fuckin walked out to my car holdin a beer to get some smokes and the cops lit me up and wrote me a ticket."
by minot_medic November 18, 2005
Antipop Consortium - an amazing hip-hop group with tight rhymes.
Yo, APC are cunning linguists.
by diversity333 November 14, 2004
Ass Pussy Combo

getting both ass and pussy at the same time. simultaneously.
Let's go get some APC.

by Spraynard Kruger February 02, 2008
A Phat Chic:
A woman who is a Fatty
It's funny because the it also means Armoured Personnel Carrier which a pretty damn large.
Also the spelling of fat with a P throws them of the scent (harder to do when it's a hamburger scent). Fat suckers.
Blindman: What a hottertron!
Man with sight: Shut-up knob-end she's an APC
by Evjl Brainfish January 31, 2005
The best god damn tribes player... ever
dude, Apc just owned the hell out of me
by adam October 09, 2004

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