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say it out loud 3 times and you shall understand the meaning.
Student: Hey teacher, could you use this word in a sentence? (hands the teacher a piece of paper)

Teacher: "Everywhere i go, i see AP-ness"
by Cdplayer6 May 26, 2009
The essesnce of being in an AP(advanced placement) class. It pretty much means your smart, inteligent, and witty. If you have have a lots of AP-ness, you could be considered a nerd.
girl: Im the one with AP-ness in this relationship
girl: I'm in AP classes, your not.
by viky2013 January 10, 2010
the feeling of false confidence that comes from taking AP courses in high school
I'm going to do great on the AP Chem exam. I have APness.
by Jeff8758 July 31, 2011