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Designed to test the knowledge you have accumulated over the entire year in the specific Advanced Placement course. A waste of time, and drains you of all energy and life.
Sarah: "Oh My God. These AP Tests are going to be the death of me."
Rachel: "I know. I've gotten ten review books and STILL nothing helps. MY BRAIN WON'T PROCESS!!!!"
by lizzzzzzzzzzz May 20, 2008

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suicide that costs $95. slow and painful, lasts about 4 hours.
good luck on your ap test, i'll see you on the other side.
by ap euro nerds May 05, 2010
AP tests: An utter pointless, colossal, useless waste of time, energy and life.
Cody: Shit man I got this AP tests!
Chewbacca: WTF THESE ARE SUCH A POINTLESS WASTE OF MY TIME (Makes wookie sounds)

Cody: I know they only make these classes to torture people
by the_concious_you_needed May 07, 2009