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1) That thing that seems so far away when you sign up for it the year before, which suddenly hits you in the face like discovering your significant other is pregnant because you haven't been wearing condoms: it seems like a good choice then, but now you aren't so sure. Contains equal parts excruciatingly esoteric Multiple Choice, disturbingly fucked-up Free Response Questions, and the tears of thousands of raped teens. Ranges from AP U.S. History, to AP English, to AP Psychology of a Teenage Serial Killer. It makes me wish I could just drop the class, but then I would have wasted a year of torture and abuse in order to move on through a maze ruled by society's expectations and the demands of my parents that I support them when they retire.
2) The bane of my existence.
1) The unholy trinity of AP Physics, AP Music Theory, and AP English.
2) AP Stats. Also, my girlfriend.
by T. Rohlin May 06, 2011
Laughably easy AP test, second in easiness only to AP Psych. The class involves a bunch of z-, t-, binomial, and chi-squared distributions (i.e. assume a bunch of impractical BS, like on the AP physics exam, look up a value in a table, add a sentence our two). Generally taken by people who want to get out of their college math requirement without taking calculus.
I wanted some easy college credit, so I got a 4 on the AP Stats exam.
by rapdechocobo November 02, 2011
1) acronym: A-Plus Statutory Rapist
2) one who intentionally lures and seduces a female notwithstanding the fact that she is a minor, specifically eighth grade (13 years of age). See bat mitzvah special and pulling a dave
That AP Stat is so grimey--he made out with a 13 year old, and he's 27!
by Tha Docta Fill May 25, 2005
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