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Laughably easy AP test, second in easiness only to AP Psych. The class involves a bunch of z-, t-, binomial, and chi-squared distributions (i.e. assume a bunch of impractical BS, like on the AP physics exam, look up a value in a table, add a sentence our two). Generally taken by people who want to get out of their college math requirement without taking calculus.
I wanted some easy college credit, so I got a 4 on the AP Stats exam.
by rapdechocobo November 02, 2011
I don't know what everybody keeps griping about. This was EASY! Especially the AP Calculus BC exam. If you want to rack your brain good and hard, go try some 'real' math first, e.g. abstract algebra or functional analysis.
AP Calculus AB student: "Oh my gawd this is SO HARD!!"

Senior Math major: "Bitch, please. I'll take related rates and integration by parts over rings and external direct products any day."
by rapdechocobo October 26, 2011
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