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A ridiculously hard class that will result in sleep deprivation, all nighters, the reading of an entire textbook, the complete usage of at leas two packs of pens, two three inch binders of notes, and a new perspective on the world if you get a good teacher. If you play any sort of sport, your entire life for that year will consist of that sport and world history, forget about friends, sleep, sometimes food and even other classes. Going to sleep past twelve every night will be normal and you will begin to think that eleven on a school night is early.The AP credit is not worth the time and effort that you will put into the class to pass, I do not care how motivated or "smart" you are, you can get the same perspective in a regular class without the price you pay, do not make the mistake others have before you.
Friend: hey what did you do last night
You: I stayed up till two finishing my AP World History study guide after the game
F: Dang, good thing I don't play soccer because I only stayed up to twelve
Y:Lucky! you actually got 6 hours of sleep?
F:Yeah dude, I feel like i slept for a day
by Soccer10 March 20, 2013

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