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A total embodiment of hell (the tenth circle of hell to be precise). usually taken by genius/ retarded sophomores. the average class initially starts with 20-30 but by day two will be down to 10 retards that are devoted to the class. the tests a purposefully meant to fuck with you and the writer of these tests ( pseudo PAM) is going to be shot by one of these students and will burn in HELL! the average student gets a C- and gets about two hours of sleep . the students lose twenty pounds in weight five inches in height and their personalities and sense of humor.

WARNING: AP Euro will change you into a bitter and cynical child, you receive at least ten hours of work daily.DO NOT TAKE THIS CLASS
A)Fuck you Mr.(----) im not doing that much AP Euro work
B)than you FAIL! MUHHAHAHAH!!!!!
A) Damn IT
by Bitter and Cynical February 17, 2011
Short for Advanced Placement European History. The most annoying, useless bitch of a class you will ever take. Sophomores take it because of the prestige that goes along with the "AP" but quickly realize that they haven't learned shit after the first month. You will receive a fuckload of homework and basically spend all your free time (after you do your homework) plotting ways to kill your teacher, who is usually a bitch. You will also spend many hours pondering just when the fuck will you ever be required to know the difference between Frederick William I and Frederick William.
Stupid kid taking easy classes: Oh hey! I have no homework tonight!

Overachiever: Shiiiiittttt I have fucking notes to do for AP Euro! Fuck my life.
by toocoozfoschooz January 19, 2011
Abbreviation for AP European History. Often accompanied by a ginormous textbook written by a guy named Palmer. Very interesting, albeit packed with information.
We take lots of Palmer quizzes in AP Euro.
Mr. Mann, our AP Euro teacher, loves Palmer.
by Mom of Troocher March 23, 2008
Advanced Placement European History-


And more hell.

The room is usually lit by hellfire.

If you see and A.P Euro class DO NOT TAKE IT! RUN AWAY! If you see and A.P Euro student, do not approach, and especially do not mess with their precious review books and textbooks. They WILL bite you.
I would rather jump off a cliff than take A.P Euro.
by usaswimmer16 April 18, 2009
Hell on earth. Basically you spend an entire year trying to force-feed yourself utter bullshit on Europe's history for the last 700 years. But even that is futile, because you can't retain anything specific from Europe's 920739474+ wars and will fail practically every test. You took it for the "prestigious AP title" but you just ended up fucked sideways by the entire course. It's the bane of your existence as well as your GPA.
AP Euro Student 1: Did you read last night for the quiz today?

AP Euro Student 2: Are you kidding me? No! I haven't opened that book in such a long time. I gave up.

AP Euro Student 1: Me too! High-five!

*Both high-five while sobbing because they are inevitably going to fail*
by chuzzle786 May 11, 2014