Short for "Age of Shadows" - the version of the popular online MMORPG Ultima Online that moved focus more onto what items the player has in his inventory than his actual skill.
Ultima Online: AoS completely took away any skill involved whatsoever in PvP combat.
by Ultima May 26, 2004
Adult over Shoulder
which is another way of saying AOS but a less Suspious way of saying it.
*talking about stuff your shouldnt be, parent or gaurdian walks in to the room* You say AOS
by Kylee Droom August 05, 2006
A pr0 CS clan which have been to the CPL more times than I can count. Game quality is kept high due to rigorous practice sessions, which sees the clan split into two, to practice the most common match numbers, 4 v 4. This also ensures that they never get to fight alongside each other, keeping the talent fresh.
"OMG AoS are in our server"
*Roadkill cums
by Anonymous June 26, 2003
the definition here in central middle school is afraid of sex
ashley lange is the biggest aos chick i know!
by Kam the man May 10, 2007
like people do
by Anonymous June 29, 2003

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