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1) a question when one is curious about what is going on around him.

2)A popular greeting greating used instead of "hello".

3) A state of confusion when used in a situation where both definitions intertwine.
eg. when you have just met someone whom you know and who may be curious about a situation or the goings on around you.
1) whats happnin here then lads?

2) whats happnin man!

3) person 1: "whats happnin"

person 2: "whats happnin man"

person 1: "naw, whats actualy happnin"

person 2: "do you mean 'whats happnin' as in 'whats
happnin'or 'whats happnin' as in whats
actualy happnin?"

person 1: "I dunni even ken any mare man, I'm fuckin
lost, lets just roll a jeeber."
by McKean January 22, 2007
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