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the nasty stuff that makes shit slip out of the anus instead of scratching and tearing and causing a splank. smells like shit and can also be used as a lube during anal sex.

it is said that many raspberry products (jam, jelly, candy) contain beaver anal oil. it's supposed to make it tasty and delicious.
dude, i cant put my toast in my toaster. im gonna use some anus oil.
by nasty shit November 16, 2004
A secretion produced by the human anus that is responsible for maintaining fecal odor on skin.
"I don't care how BAD my butt itches, I'M NOT ITCHIN' IT! Last time, I had to washed my hand 5 TIMES before the Anusoil came off my fingers".
by MR.ZERO July 25, 2011
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