The way many black people begin sentences. It's short for "I'm going to."
"Ama kick yo' ass."
"Ama buy me a Cadillac wid some rims."
"Ama find me a new crib."
by highlyopinionated May 21, 2013
To bestow responsibility upon someone and not compensate that individual for that responsibility, or for any previous responsibility that individual had.
Wow, I just got a, no, this is only a responsiblity promotion, my company uses the AMA method of advancement, yeah, they give you 10 times the responsibility at only the fraction of pay, think of the taxes I will save on, man, they are fucking me big time.
by DRG February 07, 2006
Rock hard weiner. This has been proven by a long complex proof including car crashes and such nonsense.
Omg you're an ama!
by Lawivido March 13, 2007
Means love, can be used as a short version of love.
Person 1: I ama you.
Person 2: :D I ama you too <3
by ^llama^ February 12, 2008
Acronym ASS MOUTH ASS.......This is a procedure when the female takes a cock directly from her ass into her mouth and back into her ass again. This procedure should be carried out until the male is satisfied.
I hear Tina is a bit of a slut, Gary told me she does AMA
by Ad the legend September 30, 2007

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