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Unfortunate error committed when you have the "quintuple-decker roast beef sandwich shot" up behind your Excel window as your naughty little secret, and one of the MDs comes over and asks you to switch to a different spreadsheet and then you ALT-TAB to the wrong screen by accident...I MMMMMEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAANNNNNNNN!!!!!!
Jared: "omgomgomgomg...i can't believe how much these five chicks love each other...crap, here comes the boss, let's look like i'm working..."

MD: "Jared, can you show me the latest returns file?"

Jared: "Sure..." Alt+Tab"SHIT!@!@$#!)(" ALT TABEROVAVICHKOVSKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by elgallopelon October 19, 2005

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