The predessesor to Ali G, who is poised to be taken over by Ali H.
Ali F fought in Vietnam. This was much more hardcore than Ali G fighting in West Side.
by Malcolm Turntable June 19, 2009
Top Definition
At Least Its Friday

Similar to TGIF (Thank God Its Friday) but not as celebratory. Not thankful for the day, but glad it isn't Tuesday.
Person 1: Dude, I wish this week was over!
Person 2: ALIF
Person 1 does a happy dance: Yes!
by muggleprincess January 07, 2011
An acronym for 'A Lactose Intolerant Fart"

For those of whom have a lactose intolerance but can not resist the urge to consume dairy will understand that dairy will have an adverse effect on your bodily odours

An extremely smelly fart, caused by consuming lactose when you have an intolerance.

Any fart that smells as though something has died.
Watch out, i just did a lif.


Fuck thats smells like a lif. You been on the dairy again mate?
by Ms.UdderlyDisgusting June 29, 2011
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