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a beast, always competing with DAOUDA to be the beastiest guy in the universe
(x): so AKIM, who's your best friend?
by d to da g December 17, 2004
10 18
An Amazingly Sexy Person who is Possibly the best boyfriend ever, he is extremely Clever and an amazing kisser& hugger. Akim is Very loveable and will Never be forgotten
are you going out with akim?


omg your soo luckyy!!
by TabbyPS November 07, 2010
25 8
A roommate who disposes of bugs.
There was a spider in my room, but my akim fixed the problem.
To get rid of bugs we have an akim to help us.
by Elizabeth Katelin Irland October 19, 2011
8 4
1) one who is not of the smartest stature
2) to have no common sence
3) atractive but ditzy
After having a couple drinks with this new girl I quickly realized that she was akim.

by tmez February 17, 2009
5 21
akim is a nigger
akim..sup nigger
by boner guide me September 20, 2003
26 52