the gay pride parade in any large city with a high rate of hiv infection in the 'mo community..
dude.. we're going to san francisco this weekend for the a.i.d.s. parade...

dude 2.. the what?

dude.. you know, gay pride....

dude 2... lmao!
#mo #a.i.d.s. #hiv #gay pride parade #gay cancer..
by boyinthepenaltybox July 03, 2011
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Top Definition
A derogatory term often used while sitting in traffic referring to the cars between you and your destination. An AIDS parade is generally held every weekend from December through March on I-70 in Colorado. This term can also be used as a derogatory colloquialism expressing a great distaste for ones life, mannerisms, or actions.
Damnit Jew, would you look at this AIDS parade in front of us?

Jew, you really are a fucking one man AIDS Parade!
#aids #traffic #parade #colorado #parking lot
by TiredReality July 22, 2009
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