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A phrase used when something amazing, unbelievable ,or epic happens. While saying this phrase the person saying it will cover his mouth with one hand and do a chopping motion with the other one. It must also be said with a deep voice but at a high volume.(this phrase is ment to be used when saying damn is just not enough)
1) Person 1: DUDE! I was in church the other day and right in the middle of mass the preist started to do the chicken noodle soup!
Person 2: AHHDAMN!!!!!

2) Person 1:Hey how was that magic show yesterday?
Person 2: OMAN! the magician went to do the old rabbit out of the hat trick but when he said the magic words he burst into flames.
Person 1: AHHHDAMN!!!!!

3) Hey man what happened to you?
I just got beat up by my imaginary friend.

4) 1:Dude I gotta get out of here!
3:I just killed 20 people!
4:How the fuck did you do that!
5:I just hit a clown car!!

5)1:Dude! the weirdest thing happened lasrt night.
3:I had a dream I was gonna fight Chuck Norris but when he punched me I woke up and I was missing teeth!

6) Someone took a shit on my desk at work today.

7)YO man last night i was fucking this girl so hard i broke ma dick!
by AHHDAMN!! December 21, 2010
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