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The abbreviation of the band "A Day To Remeber"'s name.
My favorite ADTR song is 'You Had Me At Hello'!
by kawehFRESH April 13, 2008
Short for the band, A Day To Remember.

genre(s): Post-hardcore, pop punk, metalcore, melodic hardcore

Current members(2009):
Jeremy McKinnon -vocals
Neil Westfall - guitar
Tom Denney - guitar
Joshua Woodard - bass
Alex Shellnutt - drums

Released Albums (2009):
And Their Name Was Treason (Indianola Records, 2005)
For Those Who Have Heart (Victory Records, 2007)
Homesick (Victory Records, 2009)

They originate from Ocala, Florida.
Have you heard ADTR's new album Homesick, its awesome.
by cristofe February 22, 2009

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