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1. to totally annihilate/destroy/dominate/overpower/man handle/raze/sabotage/deface/lay waste to/wreck/wipe out/tear down/tear apart/maim/dismember/ravage/merc/disfigure a person, event, idea, or cause

2. a common used guerrilla military term used to initiate a very ferocious attack
Ex 1:

Person 1: Man did you see that hot ass girl today??

Person 2: Fuck yeah man. I want to ADE that bitch!!!

Ex 2:

Bermudan 1: Ey bay, why was that sleezy bitch Highlights walking with a limp Sunday morning?

Bermudan2: Bay, bay, you didn't hear bay? The bitch got Ade-ed!!!!!

Bermudan 1: Damn...that limp is chronic.....
by TheWiseMan69 March 26, 2011
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