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An incredibly horrid Modern Warfare 2 Clan who thinks they run the game. They recruit members worldwide and still suck. The original members were ACiiD Newportt, ACiiD Shady, ACiiD ShaDy and ACiiD N3WB0RN, now, there's just too many of them. There are so many fanboys and every pub you get into you hear about these original four idiots.
Jake "Guys are you showing up for ACiiD Tryouts tonight? I'm the badass founder!"

Evan "We need moar practice"

Harrison "We're amazing!"

Josh "That team just beat us 302-33"

ACiiD Fanboy "CAN I JO1N ACZID?"
by Well Dressed Men November 07, 2010
a forum of mainstream hackers who live there lifes coding bots for bebo and msn etc..
AndY: your bot released yett?
SlayeR: no but will be tonight on aciid
by andy-naylor March 07, 2009
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